Happiness, Peace & Love

bluebutterflyHappiness is a feeling, so they say

It comes and goes, it will never stay

I don’t like that thought, I must confess

I want it always, not just now and then

Not from time to time, never knowing when

. . . .

Then there is peace – will it ever be?

Not just for the world, but also for me

Here and now – no, every day

I want peace with me, always to stay

. . . .

Oh, what about love? I want that too

Everyday, always, my whole life through

Impossible! They tell me, but I beg to differ

I know it is out there – I can here its whisper

. . . .

Would happiness, peace, love, if they were constant in your life, make a difference in how you lived?

You may think I’m dreaming, out of my mind, whatever, to suggest that we CAN have these consistently – but that is exactly what I am saying. You see, I know the secret of being content in ALL situations. It is a relationship with God the Father, through His Son, Jesus Christ, being led, daily by His Holy Spirit!

With God you can face absolutely anything that comes your way – things that without Him would practically devastate you. I am not speaking empty words, or blowing smoke . . . I’ve lived this . . . I speak from experience!

Loss of a child through miscarriages, illness, accidents – check.

Loss of a loved one through illness, or life circumstances – check.

Debilitating physical conditions that change your way of life – check.

Loss of good friends due to moves, death, or conflict – check.

Loss of businesses, housing, etc. due to financial disasters or theft – check.

(just to name a few) God has brought me through so very much that I know that I know that I KNOW there is absolutely NOTHING that can ever take His love away from me – His peace from me – or my own happiness . . . happiness is my choice – to rest in my Savior and His protection, His love and BE happy in He who is ever faithful to bring me through, or to give up and be miserable.

Let the Lord make a difference in YOUR life today – if you don’t know Him, personally; if you have not trusted Him for your salvation – contact me, or you may call 1-800-NEED HIM . . . your life can have meaning, happiness, peace, and love.

Bless you!

(c) klh 4Given Ministries

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