Am I REALLY Making a Difference?

Oh, Lord, today I find myself truly questioning myself . . . I KNOW that You have called me t3d_red_question_mark_button_image_165506o go and make a difference in this world . . . to speak Your truth into the lives of others . . . to share with them HOW to apply Your Word to their day to day lives and walk in victory. Those that listen, and start to actively use the Bible, as You intended them to, have started to grow and are seeing such wonderful results – it is exciting to see!

I thank You, Lord, for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful experience . . . but . . . then, why do I find myself questioning today????

One simple conversation with someone I hold in high esteem . . . one sentence spoken I allowed to enter into my heart.

Oh, Abba, all these years of seeking Your face, following after that which You have placed within me – have I truly heard from You? Am I really doing what YOU want, or have I been chasing my own dream?

To be honest, at this particular moment, I feel like stripping my walls bare of all my diplomas, burning them! Screaming out “WHY?!” and “What do they account for, anyway?!!!” They are NOTHING! Only YOU, Jesus, Only YOU!!! You are ALL that matters to me . . . everything else is nothing to me . . . You are all I want . . . You are all I need . . . You are all that I desire . . . You are all I serve . . . but as I serve You, I end up getting so banged up, so battered, so crushed . . . even by those I love so deeply . . . You understand, even better than I as You were bruised, beaten, and crucified, forgive, me, my beloved Lord, I have no room for tears nor complaint. I just need to know, do I continue?  Am I to carry on with that which You have called me to do, regardless of the fact that others wish me to stop? Why do they want me to not work in the Kingdom for you? Is it because I don’t fit into their mold? Should I try to be something I am not? Am I not who You created me to be? Or am I missing something? Show me, Abba, You know my heart, You KNOW me inside and out . . . every minute detail about me . . . I lay myself on the altar . . . do whatever You need to do . . . I desire to continue to make a difference . . . but ONLY as YOU direct dearest Lord.

heart bowed down

–  Ten Commandments for Dealing with People –

Very good points! Had to share…

His Eternal Word

cropped-rose-4.gif(1) Keep the skid chains on your tongue: always say less than you think.

(2) Make promises sparingly, but keep them faithfully, no matter what the cost.

(3) Never let an opportunity pass to say a kind and encouraging word about someone.

(4) Be interested in others. Recognize everyone as a person of importance.

(5) Preserve an open mind in all debatable questions. Discuss, don’t argue.

(6) Say nothing of another unless it is something good.

(7) Always respect the feelings of others; criticize helpfully, never spitefully.

(8) Do your work, be patient, and keep a pleasant disposition.

(9) Pay no attention to ill-natured remarks; simply live so nobody will believe them.

(10) Spend some time alone each day with God.


Think about it – There are two-kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group; there…

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Can You, Please, Just BE There?

Someone is hurting
Don’t you care?
Do you walk away
Pretending not to see
Can you, please,
just turn around
and be there for me?
Can you sit beside my wounded soul
Place your hand in mine
Help make me whole?
I need someone to care
Is that someone you?
Or is your life to busy
To think of anyone but you?
My heart is torn
My dreams, they shatter
I’d like to share,
But to you I don’t matter.
I know this because
As I watch you walk away
Not a single glance
Did you cast my way.
So here I remain
Sitting in my despair
Wishing beyond hope
That someone would care!

Dear ones, we pass by people every single day without even a glance in their direction. Do we not ‘see’ them? Do we truly not care? Shame on us! We have the Hope of Eternal Glory! We have the joy of our Salvation! We KNOW the answer to every hurt, every struggle, every minute feeling of hopelessness and despair, yet are we keeping or spiritual eyes open to SEE the woundedness of others?

We need to be active soldiers in the Army of God! We need to follow after Christ as He came to liberate those who were held captive! And that is what hopelessness, despair, doubt, fear, anxiety, loneliness (just to name a few) are . . . chains of captivity! We are to help set them free (Isaiah 61), but how can we do that if we simply keep blinders on our eyes and walk one foot in front of the other, day after day, ignoring the very ones that God has placed in our path to reach out to?!

Starting today, ask Holy Spirit to open your spiritual eyes to see the needs of others around you and then . . . just be there for them! It WILL make a difference in their lives!

© klh 4-Given Ministries

Christmas Past?

So, here we are. Several days past the BIG day. We drive up and down our streets, finding confusing messages of Christmas, still up and blinking. I myself tend to keep up my lights and tree until the 1st or 2nd of January, so I understand. We love the bright festive look . . . BUT . . .

. . . with Christmas past, should we now focus on something else?

We have lots of options:

  1. New Years Resolutions
  2. New goals
  3. The college bowl games
  4. Super bowl
  5. Returning items received that don’t exactly fit your needs

……just to list a few……

But IS Christmas really past?


Christmas is not a ‘season’ it is a lifestyle! Sure, December 25th is the ‘date’ set aside to celebrate, but the TRUE meaning of Christmas is celebrating the hope of our lives – Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, was born into the world to restore us back to relationship with our Creator! And it wasn’t even in December, we just chose to celebrate at that time.

With Christ in our hearts, it NEEDS to be Christmas every single day of the year! It does NOT end! We are to share His love, His hope, His peace, His joy with others all the time – everywhere we go – we are His ambassadors! Our focus should not need to ‘shift’ to other things (as listed above) but to continue in the attitude of, “Lord, what can I do to help share YOU with others today?” . . .

During the ‘season’ of Christmas, people are more generous with their reaching out to others – why should that ever stop? Do people and their needs simply disappear after the ‘season’ is over? Again, I say, absolutely not!

Let us purpose in our hearts, this day and every day, to keep the Christ of Christmas alive and His heart of sharing alive. Let’s go forth and make a difference, regardless of what the ‘season’ the world seems to believe it is! ALWAYS BE READY!


©klh 4-Given Ministries

Pressing Ahead

As we find ourselves traveling along this road of life

the ‘tracks’ sometimes twist and turnwinding train tracks.jpeg

Sometimes the way is flat,

Sometimes the way is steep,

full steam ahead1.jpeg        Sometimes we can get by with a little steam

From a word or two we’ve heard

Other times we have to climb up, and up

And to forge ahead we need

FULL STEAM . . . full steam ahead2.jpeg

We can not rely upon just one or two words

We need it to arise from DEEP DOWN INSIDE

Then and only then, can we make it on our journey!

How can this be, one might ask,

What can I do to meet this task?

Fill up yourselves, get in God’s Word

Apply it daily, that which you’ve observed

Holy Spirit will speak to you loud and clear

If you only but give Him a listening ear!

The time, now is crucial for us to rely

On His Holy guidance if we’re to get by!

The preacher can’t fill us –

The prophets can’t fill us –

The teacher can’t fill us –

The musicians can’t fill us

Our service won’t fill us –

Yes . . . God uses each and every one of these giftings to help guide us on our way, but WE are the ones who are responsible to gather up all we need to forge FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Abba Father, forgive our complacency! Forgive our ‘playing church’! Father, You have already given us everything we need . . . You have laid the tracks . . . You have provided the supplies . . . You have given us Holy Spirit as our Guide (our Spiritual Conductor, if you will) . . . it is our own fault that we struggle on the tracks of life . . . help us to follow your plan. Allow us to absorb the Truth of Your Word and APPLY it to every area of our lives. Then we can keep moving, and by living the example of Your Love, Power and Might in this world, we can help to make a difference in the lives of others. . . . amen


©klh 4-Given Ministries


Dear ones, we ARE in a battle! It is a battle that is VERY real!waring angel

Our part is PRAYER! We need to pray like never before for God to disperse His mighty warring angels over this beloved country of ours!

We need to pray for eyes to be opened.

We need to pray for hearts to be softened to God’s Word!

We need to pray for ears to be unstopped by the enemy and for God’s TRUTH to be heard!

We need to pray for the lies of the enemy (yes, even to our own brothers and sisters in the Lord, those whom we love with our whole hearts!) to be quenched and that our focus will instead be upon the Lord. Upon His TRUTH. Upon His principles!!!


We face disasters. We face financial upheaval.  We face ‘choices’ from those that (supposedly) govern us that are dragging down our nation even further into darkness; hurting, destroying innocence in its wake!


I am sitting here in my office just now, weeping before the Lord. People I cherish are being lead into the worst kind of deception – that we (as a people, Christians – specifically) do not make a difference. That it is hopeless. That the enemy has so captured this world that there is nothing we can do. . . this is EXACTLY what the enemy wants us to believe. he wants us to think this way. he wants us to feel helpless and hopeless. he is a LIAR!!!



This is a battle for our souls!!!

This is a battle for our eternity!!!!

This is NOT about “politics” . . . it is about TRUTH, and HOPE and LIFE!!!!

Whom are YOU going to listen to?

To whom and/or to what are you going to let your heart be led?


I, for one, will continue to pray for this nation until the day He tells me otherwise or chooses to take me Home to Glory.

I, for one, will continue to VOTE according to His leading me!

I, for one, will NOT stand down – sure, our ‘choices’ this election time are not our ideal for bringing this nation back to God . . . BUT . . . I am trusting in my God – HIS guidance and will continue to trust Him wholeheartedly no matter what!


God used a donkey to speak His Truth!!!

God used Joseph (an imprisoned slave) to speak His Truth to the pagan leader and save the lives of many!!!

God used Daniel and his friends to SHOW the difference serving The One True God makes!!! Daniel Chapter 1, Chapter 6 (just for a brief glimpse – his whole book is filled with examples of how HIS choice to serve God changed the nation he lived in).

God is a God who does NOT change and He is STILL with us! Hebrews 13:8, Numbers 23:19, 1 Samuel 15:29

His plans may not be revealed to us. His plans may not be understood by us; but we are responsible to be steadfast in our love and devotion to Him – NOT WAVERING!

©klh 4-Given Ministries


As a Follow-Up to my Last Blog

There have been two more radio broadcasts with my testimony about what the Lord has called me to speak out about . . . you may listen to them on our website. Scroll down and you will see the audio . . . each one is just under 30 minutes.


IMG_9043-Karin  Speaking

   Karin sharing her testimony at a press conference in Austin, TX