A Wake Up Call to Parents

Yesterday, while at a local large chain store, I had the sad opportunity to share an experience I had 41 years ago with a young mother. I wish to share that with all young parents now.

image from Coscokids.com

  You see, I was a large shopping mall, it was Christmas time, I was on an upper level with my 4 month old son in an umbrella stroller (much like the one you see pictured here). He was right next to me, tucked in nice and cozy, asleep. My purse strap wrapped around the handle, and around my arm as I leaned over the banister looking down on the lower level while waiting for a friend who happened to be in a nearby shop.

All of a sudden my ‘people watching thoughts’ were rudely interrupted by a rough jerk on my arm as someone had tried to take the stroller away, not realizing that it was attached to me! THAT QUICK, my son would have been taken away from my life – vanished – gone! In the blink of an eye –  a breath . . . but for the purse being the lifeline between us both . . .

Here is what happened yesterday . . .

Inside the store there was a corner fast-food restaurant. The mother, here young son in the shopping card in front of me and myself were in line behind another person. When it was her turn, she simply stepped forward to the counter, about 4 feet away from the cart leaving it with her son right in front of me. I stepped up, put my finger by his hand, smiling, allowing him to play with my finger, talking sweetly to him so no one would think he was by himself until she returned. Then I stepped up and placed the order for my husband and myself (hubby had stepped out to put our purchases in the vehicle) . . . BUT . . . I had a job to do before I sat down . . . I went over to this young mother, placed my hand upon her arm, looked her in the eye and said, “Sweetheart, I don’t mean to frighten you, but I wish to awaken you…let me tell you a story…”

You see, we HAVE to make a difference. We HAVE to speak up. Today, young ones are not taught how to care for their children . . . how to be on the alert . . . how to nurture . . . how to treat one another . . . the list goes on and on. In my day there were parenting classes, there were older women who would come along side and walk us through things. As I was sharing my story with her, her eyes got bigger and bigger when she realized how close she came to possibly loosing her child. She looked around – she saw how close to the street entrance she had left her child, how many different people were coming and going, how precious and vulnerable her little boy had been.

I had been upset before we had gotten to the restaurant because I had been delayed in a certain department within the store due to lack of  workers, but as always, God had allowed that delay to protect that wee little boy and to help open the eyes of this young mother . . . so thank You, Jesus for this opportunity and another divine appointment to share Your Love and Protection with another! Amen!

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Another Powerful Prayer!

. . . from my dear brother James Nesbit, who faithfully posts prayers over our Nation every day – and our President. He is an incredible prophetic artist and musician as well, by the way, and today’s prayer contains this graphic which powerfully explains the message within the prayer of Day 321:FB_IMG_1512659756928

Heavenly Father, on this 321st day of Donald J. Trumps
first term as President of the United States of America, thank You, that we finally have a President who keeps his promise!

Formed in his mother’s womb for such a time as this, yesterday, our President said, “I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
…today, we finally acknowledge the obvious: that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. This is nothing more, or less, than a recognition of reality. It is also the right thing to do. It’s something that has to be done.” And we heard the wheat rejoice, and the tares gnash their teeth throughout the earth!

Thank You Father, that even this announcement has caused a massive shift in the spirit realm, as devils know, the time they have dreaded for eons is at hand.

I have attached an illustration to today’s prayer, illustrating what I believe to be Judge Roy Moore’s impact on D.C. before a vote has been cast in the Alabama Special Election.

Father, we left up Judge Moore and his family on this 321st day, strengthen them, and strengthen the state of Alabama to stand in the midst of the swirling demonic winds.

Thank You, for the wind of Your truth, blowing across Alabama these next 6 days O Wind of God!

Just 30 days before the Special election, allegations were brought against Judge Moore, of things he supposedly did 40 years ago, he has been in office that long and these charges have never came up before. That is the Number 1 in the attached illustration.

On November 9th, 2017, The Washington Post broke the story of four women with their alleged accounts of their 38-year-old dating experience with Roy Moore

The Washington Post describes the accuser’s claims of dates they went on with Moore when they were in their late teens. The more serious charge of the four was given by Leigh Corfman who alleged that, when she was 14, Moore sexually assaulted her.

Corfman would have been the key witness in bringing down Moore, but within days, substantial credibility issues of this witness were uncovered when it was found out that Corfman had been married three times, filed bankruptcy three times, and had accused three pastors of sexual misconduct. The last of these points completely discredited her testimony, but the national press and the GOP establishment continue to repeat the allegations as though they were true.

The Post story further crumbled when one of the accusers, Debbie Gibson, turned out to be a Democrat operative, having worked for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and at the time was campaigning for Doug Jones.

So when the initial round of accusers lacked the hoped-for effect, the establishment rolled out one Beverly Young Nelson on November 13, accompanied by none other than the infamous feminist, Gloria Allred, all set for a prime time New York City press conference.

But like Ms. Corfman, upon closer examination of the evidence, Ms. Nelson’s accounts also started crumbling. Within hours, photos of the yearbook were examined and found to be a forgery. Ms. Nelson’s step-son went public, declaring his step-mother’s allegations to be “one hundred percent lies” and on the following day, evidence surfaced revealing that Judge Moore had presided over Ms. Nelson’s 1999 divorce without her objection. A second Moore accuser totally discredited!

But you have not heard these things reported in the media.

I have never met Judge Moore, but have watched him ever since he stood to keep the 10 Commandments outside the Alabama State Judicial Building, in 2001.

After assuming the circuit judge bench, Moore had hung a homemade Ten Commandments plaque on the wall of his courtroom. Defendants in his court later complained about the religious display, as well as Moore’s practice of beginning the sessions with prayer. The ACLU sued Moore, who remained defiant against later court orders to remove the plaque.

…Moore installed a 5,280-pound granite block that featured Constitutional quotes and two large tablets with the 10 Commandments outside the state Judicial Building. The move prompted a lawsuit from the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center, among other groups, which Moore dismissed saying the 10 Commandments were the “moral foundation of U.S. law” and therefore appropriate in a judicial setting.

He gained my respect as he stood, and I prayed for Him and thanked Father for his warriors heart, I believe as Kind David of old faced a Lion, this was Judge Moore’s lion.

Moore was again elected in 2013 but served only three years before being suspended again, this time for directing probate judges to continue to enforce the state’s ban on same-sex marriage despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling. I believe this was Judge Moore, just as Kind David of old, facing his Bear.

Now we come to the Number 2 in the attached illustration.

On November 9th, 2017, The Washington Post broke the story of four women with their alleged accounts, the usual cast of “Swamp” creatures surfaced with feigned outrage demanding that Moore step down from the race. McConnell, McCain, Flake, and Romney (Globalist by the way) issued their immediate demand without any examination of facts. Their instant condemnation of Moore gave evidence of their orchestration.

Mitch McConnell, made a statement something like, “He is not worthy to sit in a seat in the United States Senate, and if he does get elected, he won’t be seated.” Not an exact quote but something like that.

I believe those statements triggered, John 8:7 “He who is without sin among you, let him throw
a stone…first.”

Not that these men personally had that sort of sin in their lives, but Father knew what secrets that were hiding in the chambers of Congress and the Senate.

And so, their judgment of Judge Moore, gave Father legal access (Number 3 in the illustration) to expose and bring into the full light of day, the $17 Million dollars of Tax Payer Money, they have spent since 1999, silencing close to 300 women whom they sexually harassed.

It’s ironic that the oldest sitting congressmen, and head of the Judicial Committee, was the among the first exposed! Remember Alabama is the Justice Gate! So from the Justice Gate State, justice is visiting those who said, Judge Moore was not worthy to sit among them!

Judge Moore, has released justice into the “SWAMP” and hasn’t even been elected yet.

I believe the Democrats already know that he is ahead in the polls in Alabama, and that is why they came out in mass yesterday to sacrifice Al Franken, so they can claim the high ground when Alabama elects Judge Moore!

Just as they know there is no truth to President Trump colluding with the Russians, they don’t care about truth. When Roy Moore gets elected, umm, umm, umm, we haven’t seen anything yet!

Most of us are never called to stand, against the unslaught of the national media, launching all that hell has against us, and our supposed peers, turning their backs on us in a New York minute.

But, when he was formed in his mother’s womb, Father, knew he would use Judge Moore to stand in Alabama the Justice Gate, stand for the 10 Commandments, stand against the homosexual agenda, and resist the Supreme Court of the United States, who call evil good, android evil in their pride, said with their votes on same sex marriage, we know better than the Creator!

So Father, on this 321st day, as for me and my house, we will pray for Judge Moore, vote for Judge Moore, and thank You for sending another wrecking ball to Washington D.C.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in D.C. and all the earth!

We stand in honor on this first full day of the United States of America recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel!

We recognize it Father, as Capital of the earth, the City from which Lord Jesus will rule and reign!

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!
Who is, and was, and is to come!
Light be!

Thank you, James Nesbit for all you do for the body of Christ, for our Nation, and for being such a faithful friend to so many! We love and appreciate you! God bless you and your family and your ministry! Click on his name to visit his website, you will be blessed!

A Thanksgiving Prayer

The following is a prayer posted by a friend of mine James Nesbit. He is a prophet, an artist, musician and a very wonderful man of God whom I just I admire so much!

He has been posting prayers, daily, over our president and our nation and they’ve been so inspirational. Today, thanksgiving 2017, I felt compelled to share this one here on our making a difference blog because James prayers truly do make a difference as thousands of people join their own prayers with his every single day across this land and overseas as well.

As you read this prayer today would you lift up your voice and your heart along with him? God bless you and happy Thanksgiving.

“Heavenly Father, on this 307th day of Donald Trumps Presidency, as a nation stops and gives you thanks, with grateful hearts we bow low, and thank You for the privilege of living in this nation!

Great Father, who made the world and all things therein, Lord of heaven and earth, who gives to all life, and breath, and all things; And have made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on all the face of the earth! Oh how we magnify You, in great thanksgiving!

You who have determined our times before appointed, before we drew our first breath, and the bounds of our habitation;

You have chosen that America would be our homeland, and have graced us to live in this wonderful land in this hour.

Satan knows, a house divided cannot stand, and so daily he works, dividing where he can!So on this thanksgiving, in great thanksgiving, we apply the healing blood of Yeshua Hamashiach to every wounded and divided heart in our nation.

We all have strengths, and we all have weaknesses, wherever our weaknesses have caused hurt and division, thank You, for Your healing mercy flowing deep through the land this Thanksgiving.

Everyone in the earth, is at at some point in their relationship with You, some don’t believe You exist, some hate You (because they don’t know You) some fear You, some honor You, and some don’t!

Many blame You for things Satan has done,

And are angry with You, and so their thankfulness has been stolen.

O good and kind Father, who sees far beyond our anger, disappointment, pain, and shame.

Thank You for the power of thanksgiving unlocking prisoners, throughout our nation this day!

Thank You, for causing every plan of Satan to divide and conquer our nation, to disintegrate in the flames of Your mercy.

Thank You, for causing the eternal power of supernatural thanksgiving, to invade our natural thanksgiving, and in Your kindness

loose, great repentance, and reconciliation to flow to every bloodline, and family tree.

No matter where our President, or our leaders are in relationship with You, when they sit down for this Thanksgiving meal, cause them to arise in a whole knew depth of love, and knowledge of who You really are, in the fullness of Your mercy.

Thank You for beginning at those tables, but not stopping until every soul in the nation, tastes what true thanksgiving feels like!

And from that glorious place, release a National Awakening on this Thanksgiving Day,

Cause Thanksgiving Day, to turn into a week, a month, a year, a decade, a century of supernatural Thanking!

O Father, it seems our President wakes early, and many times, Satan meets him, a tries to get him to rehearse where people have dishonored him, or spoken ill of him; and then Satan coaxes him to respond in the same manner!

Father, on this thanksgiving day, bless our President to see that their is a better way!

Bless our President to see, that when He blesses those who despitefully use him, and doesn’t return ill for ill, it’s like pouring hot coals upon their heads, and allows You to deal with their spite-fullness much better than he ever could!

And the number one benefit, is that Satan can’t use his own words against him!

O Father, thank You for blessing this President, whom we are so thankful for with that revelation; and grant him the discipline to not respond in the same spirit meant to destroy him!

Lord of Thanksgiving, thank You, as we enter Your Gates with thanksgiving, and Your Courts with praise, on this Thanksgiving Day!

Hallowed, and Honored, is Your Nam!

Your kingdom is coming moment by moment, and Your glory growing brighter and brighter until the full day.

Many of our friends are spending their first Thanksgiving around Your table, feasting with the cloud of witnesses, what a meal that must be!

As they are eating there thank You for the joy their presence being being felt here as well, O how we live You, Father of eternity.

That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us: For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.”


For More information on JamesJames Nesbit visit his website. His prayers are posted daily on his Facebook page

Labels . . . True or False?

So many of us are very conscience of the things we buy. We read the labels very carefully to be sure that we are getting the proper nutrients in our foods. Even what gas we put in our vehicles, what we feed our pets, what type of materials our furniture is built with, our homes have been constructed out of, our cars, etc. But, what happens when what the labels state and what is reality do not line up and there is a terrible tragedy? Seat belts that malfunction; car seats for babies that do not hold up in a crash; foods that say do not have ingredients so we feel safe to eat them, yet later find out it was mislabeled and our health was hindered. It goes on and on. Houses, plumbing, bad wiring, things that were done to ‘cut costs’ ended up costing lives.

BUT  . . . what about the labels WE wear? Every single one of us have labels. Think about it.

Dad – Mom – Husband – Wife – Son – Daughter – Grandfather – Grandmother – Teacher – Student – Boss – Employee – Serious – Playful – Cute – Ugly – Funny – Rude – Studious – Forgetful – Rich – Poor – Hopeless – Outcast  . . . . labels . . . all just words . . . just words!

There is one label that MANY people wear “CHRISTIAN” – and that label means many things to just about as many people that wear it! It really is an amazing thing, when you think about it. Here are just some examples I’ve come across:

I’m a Christian because, well, my whole family have always been Christians.

I was baptized as a baby – of course I’m a Christian!

I’ve been going to church my whole life!

I’m a good person, I’ve never stolen anything, never hurt anyone, and I give to the poor.

I’m a Catholic and go to Mass several times a week!

I always go to Church on Christmas and Easter.

I send a check to missionaries every month.

I go to church, put money in the plate when it’s passed, I don’t beat my wife, I better than most people!

Notice anything about those statements? I sure do . . . NO mention whatsoever about Christ!!! The ONLY reason at all that we can call ourselves Christians! The precious blood of Jesus Christ, shed on Calvary – His perfect life exchanged for our imperfections – yet hardly anyone we meet who “claims” to be a “Christian” actually UNDERSTANDS what it is that they are saying . . . it is simply a label . . . just another word . . . and it breaks my heart!

To me, being a Christian is WHO I AM!!!! It describes to the world (or should – by my words/actions/behaviors) that I am CHRIST-LIKE in every aspect of my life! No, unfortunately I do not always hit the mark, I still am on this side of Heaven and imperfect, yet I do strive to imitate my Lord (1 Corinthians 11:1, Ephesians 4:23-5:2) and Savior with the help of Holy Spirit every day. I study God’s Word, I spend much time in worship and keep that attitude of worship going in my spirit throughout the day all the time. My hearts desire is to BE His (The Lord’s) Hand extended to others, His ears to hear the cries of their hearts, His heart of love and compassion and His voice so speak words of encouragement – to truly make a difference in their lives – NOT to just wear a label but to BE His representative here – NOW. Won’t you join me? Won’t you make your “Christianity more than just a label?!”

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Am I REALLY Making a Difference?

Oh, Lord, today I find myself truly questioning myself . . . I KNOW that You have called me t3d_red_question_mark_button_image_165506o go and make a difference in this world . . . to speak Your truth into the lives of others . . . to share with them HOW to apply Your Word to their day to day lives and walk in victory. Those that listen, and start to actively use the Bible, as You intended them to, have started to grow and are seeing such wonderful results – it is exciting to see!

I thank You, Lord, for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful experience . . . but . . . then, why do I find myself questioning today????

One simple conversation with someone I hold in high esteem . . . one sentence spoken I allowed to enter into my heart.

Oh, Abba, all these years of seeking Your face, following after that which You have placed within me – have I truly heard from You? Am I really doing what YOU want, or have I been chasing my own dream?

To be honest, at this particular moment, I feel like stripping my walls bare of all my diplomas, burning them! Screaming out “WHY?!” and “What do they account for, anyway?!!!” They are NOTHING! Only YOU, Jesus, Only YOU!!! You are ALL that matters to me . . . everything else is nothing to me . . . You are all I want . . . You are all I need . . . You are all that I desire . . . You are all I serve . . . but as I serve You, I end up getting so banged up, so battered, so crushed . . . even by those I love so deeply . . . You understand, even better than I as You were bruised, beaten, and crucified, forgive, me, my beloved Lord, I have no room for tears nor complaint. I just need to know, do I continue?  Am I to carry on with that which You have called me to do, regardless of the fact that others wish me to stop? Why do they want me to not work in the Kingdom for you? Is it because I don’t fit into their mold? Should I try to be something I am not? Am I not who You created me to be? Or am I missing something? Show me, Abba, You know my heart, You KNOW me inside and out . . . every minute detail about me . . . I lay myself on the altar . . . do whatever You need to do . . . I desire to continue to make a difference . . . but ONLY as YOU direct dearest Lord.

heart bowed down

–  Ten Commandments for Dealing with People –

Very good points! Had to share…

His Eternal Word

cropped-rose-4.gif(1) Keep the skid chains on your tongue: always say less than you think.

(2) Make promises sparingly, but keep them faithfully, no matter what the cost.

(3) Never let an opportunity pass to say a kind and encouraging word about someone.

(4) Be interested in others. Recognize everyone as a person of importance.

(5) Preserve an open mind in all debatable questions. Discuss, don’t argue.

(6) Say nothing of another unless it is something good.

(7) Always respect the feelings of others; criticize helpfully, never spitefully.

(8) Do your work, be patient, and keep a pleasant disposition.

(9) Pay no attention to ill-natured remarks; simply live so nobody will believe them.

(10) Spend some time alone each day with God.


Think about it – There are two-kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group; there…

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Can You, Please, Just BE There?

Someone is hurting
Don’t you care?
Do you walk away
Pretending not to see
Can you, please,
just turn around
and be there for me?
Can you sit beside my wounded soul
Place your hand in mine
Help make me whole?
I need someone to care
Is that someone you?
Or is your life to busy
To think of anyone but you?
My heart is torn
My dreams, they shatter
I’d like to share,
But to you I don’t matter.
I know this because
As I watch you walk away
Not a single glance
Did you cast my way.
So here I remain
Sitting in my despair
Wishing beyond hope
That someone would care!

Dear ones, we pass by people every single day without even a glance in their direction. Do we not ‘see’ them? Do we truly not care? Shame on us! We have the Hope of Eternal Glory! We have the joy of our Salvation! We KNOW the answer to every hurt, every struggle, every minute feeling of hopelessness and despair, yet are we keeping or spiritual eyes open to SEE the woundedness of others?

We need to be active soldiers in the Army of God! We need to follow after Christ as He came to liberate those who were held captive! And that is what hopelessness, despair, doubt, fear, anxiety, loneliness (just to name a few) are . . . chains of captivity! We are to help set them free (Isaiah 61), but how can we do that if we simply keep blinders on our eyes and walk one foot in front of the other, day after day, ignoring the very ones that God has placed in our path to reach out to?!

Starting today, ask Holy Spirit to open your spiritual eyes to see the needs of others around you and then . . . just be there for them! It WILL make a difference in their lives!

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